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Our next-gen platform enables clients to execute their transactions swift and efficiently using our advanced technology and deep liquidity.

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A Spot Contract is one of the quickest and easiest ways to exchange your currency. Whether you’re transferring a large one-off amount or a smaller regular payment, Spot Contracts allow you to make your international payments with minimal hassle and maximum satisfaction.

As the name suggests, a Spot Contract is a method of making a purchase or a sale ‘on the spot’. By choosing a Spot Contract, you’ll be agreeing to purchase or sell your foreign currency in the spot market at the current exchange rate for immediate delivery, rather than anticipating a required trade at a date in the future.

The amount of money you are purchasing or selling, the date of exchange, and the date of receipt for the funds are all agreed and confirmed as soon as you decide to proceed with the transaction.



A Forward Contract is an agreement between two parties to exchange two currencies at a given exchange rate at some point in the future.

It is a useful solution which allows you to think ahead and forward exchange your currency, securing a rate in anticipation of your international payment, ahead of the completion of your transaction.

Forward Contracts are usually conducted over 30-, 60- or 90-day periods, but can run up to 2 years. They are particularly useful for transactions where you want a clear figure of how much you will be paying at a future date – as, for example, in the case of purchasing goods from overseas, where delivery can take a month or two while you need to secure your rate in advance.


Market Orders

A Market Order allows you to buy or sell currency at a desired target rate.

For instance, if your business holds a currency that it wants to convert only when the rate reaches a certain level, placing a Market Order enables you to keep track of the price changes and execute your deal when the rate hits your desired number.

It is important to be aware that Market Orders can also be referred to as ‘Limit Orders’ or ‘Unrestricted Orders’. Although the names differ, the premise remains the same, and your deal to exchange currency will only occur when a selected rate is reached.

Our Services

At Hermex International we work with our clients to ensure that they receive highly competitive exchange rates with a first-class professional service to match.

Many companies and private clients are unaware of the true cost of currency exchange and the savings that can be made by choosing the right provider.

While some providers can facilitate international payments, they are often not interested in providing you with the best rates or key market data that may affect your payments, and this could be costing you money.

Our team of account managers work tirelessly for our valued clients to provide the best possible rates with 0% commission and no fees. Every price we quote is the price you pay with no hidden charges or unnecessary costs. At Hermex, we take huge pride in transparency & integrity. Once you become a part of Hermex, you will have a dedicated expert assigned to look after all your foreign exchange needs.

By choosing Hermex, you are choosing to benefit from an unrivalled level of customer service while making significant savings to maintain your margins and save money.


Our treasury is much more than just a department – it is the core of our business and an integral part of the service we provide.

As an international payment business, currency is at the centre of our operations. We specialise in sending overseas payments across the globe and provide the best possible exchange rates, while implementing extremely efficient payment methods.

As a specialist deliverable foreign exchange business, we offer a simplified, streamlined payment process to all our corporate and personal clients, regardless of the size of their business or their payment. Part of the FxPro Group, our advanced systems, high levels of knowledge and market experience enable all our global payments to be executed quickly and efficiently.

Hermex Import and Export

Dedicated Dealer

Located in our executive offices in the City of London, our trading room is the hub of our business – it is where every single one of our global payments takes place. The dealing floor is constantly occupied by our driven, dedicated account managers, our highly-experienced dealers who are appointed to manage the accounts of each Hermex client.

Our dealers spend their time managing the high volumes of business that Hermex maintains; liaising with clients, keeping track of the constantly fluctuating exchange rates and market news, but most importantly, coordinating a variety of overseas payments.

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Products & Services
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